Morpeth Art Group Events Calendar:

Mark your calendars!! Next workshop will be the July 3rd with John Harrison where he will be working in line and wash with the emphasis on the drawing. His working method is to provide guidance to participants, letting each one to progress at a speed they feel comfortable. He allows for flexibility and believes this approach is very effective. He likes to wander around the group, giving help, encouragement and tips You can visit his website to know more about his work at

On the 7th of July we will have the Annual Morpeth Art Group Exhibition. This time it will be at Storey Park . It will be a full day, so let your friends and family know. Times will be given closer to the day.

We have separated the 19th and 20th of October to have our Hepscott Hall Exhibition. Times will be provided closer to the day.

The Morpeth Northumbrian Gathering on April 6 to 8 has been another opportunity for the Morpeth Art Group to share our work with the public. It was very well received! Here are some pictures of the weekend.

Picture displays (1)
Pictures Display (2)

Crafts and Browser
Pictures Display (3)
Picture Display (4)

March 6th was a great day. We had Joe Hush again! This time he worked on a seascape. He made it look so easy! we all were fascinated as he moved through the sketch stroke by stroke and made such a beautiful scene emerge. Thank you again to Joe for his generosity as he donated the finished work for our next exhibition raffle! Here are some photos of the day.

Joe Hush Doing his Painting

Group Working on painting
Wendy, guest for the day, working in the painting

Member working
Derek's efforts

David, using Watercolours
Group Working on the painting

Doreen's efforts

Congratulations to all Morpeth Art Group members on a very successful exhibition this past 28th and 29th of July!! We had great success overall with a very health attendance from family, friends and public in general which turned out in picture sales and interest. Group member and Mayor of Morpeth, Nic Best, officially open the exhibition. We were also very pleased to see Michael Ewart amongst our guests on Friday evening. He contributed with his oil painting as the first prize for the raffle. Thank you again to Michael for his generosity.

Thanks are given to Ted Tallantyre, who came to help in the setup of the pictures. He did a great job in presenting our work at its best. Thanks again!

This year, we had people voting for the picture of their choice which made them truly look at each painting and make a choice. It must be said, it was very difficult to choose one given the quality and variety of the pictures exhibited. Finally, it was Julia Chandlers, Water Edge, that received the prize! Congratulations to Julia!

Pictures on the Wall
Pictures on the Wall 2
Pictures on the Wall 6
Pictures on the Wall 4
Presentation of the Major of Morpeth, Nic Best
Michael Ewart and Otto Friday evening
Pictures on the Wall 3
Pictures on the Wall 5
Adrian King at the service area
Reception 1
Reception 2
Reception 3
Derek and Otto
Reception 4
Reception 5
Guests choosing their favorite
Saturday morning
The winner, Water Edge by Julia Chandler